We are a small but powerful law firm known among our peers for our expertise in corporate and securities law. This highly specialized field of law comes into play when companies want to grow and need to raise capital.

We represent start-ups to middle-market companies and the investment bankers, broker-dealers and investment advisers who help them find and secure capital; the venture capital funds and individuals who invest their money in companies; and the executives and board members who run the companies on behalf of the shareholders. In short, our clients are involved in all aspects of raising capital. We guide our clients through the complex maze of federal and state securities regulations, helping them to avoid legal trouble, but defending them when they are accused of wrongdoing and prosecuting others who harm them.

Our field is in the midst of a dramatic and exciting transformation with passage of the federal JOBS Act. The new law promises fundraising opportunities that start-ups and small companies previously could only dream about. We are at the forefront of this sea change, ready to help our clients reap the benefits of the JOBS Act while guiding them around potential legal pitfalls.

Because of our depth of experience, other lawyers look to us for instruction on the JOBS Act and other aspects of our complex field. For years, we’ve taught corporate and securities law through seminars we’ve conducted and journal articles and books we’ve authored. We often are called to testify in court and before government bodies as experts in our field.

But our focus is on the people and businesses that can benefit from our counsel – those who want to raise the money they need to build their companies and at the same time, shield themselves from liability by minimizing risks that can lead to costly lawsuits.