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  • "Representing Start-Up Companies,"
      by Lee R. Petillon and Robert Joe Hull, and Mark Hiraide (published in 1992; updated annually)
    Summary of Contents
    • Chapter 1. Role of the Lawyer
    • Chapter 2. Formation of the Venture
    • Chapter 3. Agreements between the Founders
    • Chapter 4. Methods of Initial Financing
    • Chapter 5. Sources of Initial Financing
    • Chapter 6. Securities Law Considerations
    • Chapter 7. Negotiating the Initial Financing
    • Chapter 8. Compensation and Stock Incentives for Key Employees
    • Chapter 9. Initial Operating Problems
    • Chapter 10. Second round Financing
    • Chapter 11. Initial Public Offering
    • Chapter 12. Operating Public Companies
    • Chapter 13. Planning for Liquidity of the Founders' Stock
    • Chapter 14. Special Problems in Sales or Mergers of the Company.
    • Plus 102 Appendices, at the end of each chapter (sample agreements, checklists, directories, etc.)
    • Bibliography
    • Table of Laws and rules
    • Table of Cases
    • Index
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